Ark Engineering can now build and supply any Gatehouse setup for your site or needs!


What is a Gatehouse?

A Gatehouse is a small to medium sized portable building which houses one to two people whilst they carry out site-specific jobs such as site security or a vehicle check-in service.

What is it built from?

All of our gatehouses are constructed from high-grade steel ensuring that the build quality is always the best.

Security Features

Ark Gatehouses feature an anti-vandal outer shell, accompanied by a high-security door and anti-vandal windows to ensure that break-ins are prevented and valuable items such as computers are kept safe and secure if they are left inside the building overnight.

Inner Features

A standard gatehouse from Ark Engineering would feature a worktop, lighting, plug sockets and heating, but bespoke builds could feature any number of pre-installed items as per the request of the customer!


We provide the option of the gatehouses being painted in any single colour on the RAL spectrum!

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