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Sentry Box

Our sentry box is the more compact version of our two standard sized portable buildings. The smaller form factor makes it easier to squeeze onto your site plans.

Steel Shell Construction

We manufacture the outer shell from high-grade steel to ensure a high build quality.

Fully Insulated

We full insulate the roof and walls to keep the occupants comfortable.

Easy Setup

The building can be lifted easily into place. Once in place, power can be quickly connected with an appliance inlet.


Our Sentry Box may be smaller in size, but we don’t compromise when it comes to the features. Packed inside the building, we have:

  • A wall mounted heater
  • Worktop
  • Fully insulated walls and roof
  • 3 single-glazed windows providing 180° of vision
  • 10-point locking high security door
  • Electrical Sockets
  • LED dome light
  • Fully RCD protected & certificated

Application & Customisation

Our Sentry box has many different uses and can be fitted with extras such as window guards. We also offer customisation for our buildings such as vision panel doors, to give the occupant 360° of vision. Extra sockets or electrical items can be added to suit your specific needs. The Sentry box will also be painted in any single RAL colour that you or your customer requires. Please see the RAL chart here.

An orange Sentry box with optional mesh window guards for added extra security

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